Portable Device for a Photographer to Show His Work

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Re: Portable Device for a Photographer to Show His Work

kelpdiver wrote:

Dionis wrote:

I have the older Asus Transformer Prime that is still at the 1280x720 resolution, but they went on to release a 1920x1080 model and this one does have an sd reader and a usb port built into the detachable keyboard, along with a micro sdhc port on the tablet itself.   You can transfer the images over and then display in the lightweight form.

kelp diver,

So you are confirming I can keep video and photo files on a tablet like your Asus and play them back?

What is lightweight form? What platform would be used to play back video? I am used to using Windows Media Player for videos on my hard drive.

Yes, certainly that is true of the transformer.  I suspect it's true of the other 2 as well.  Having the micro sdhc option gives you a cheap upgrade to capacity.

The Transformer without the keyboard is a tad lighter/thinner than the ipad, I believe.  The keyboard attachment might be half a pound, but then gives you a second battery and a runtime of close to 15 hours.

I would be wary of the iPad+AppleTV solution. I've done this with the 3rd gen iPad and 3rd gen AppleTV and the problem there is that for connected displays to the Apple TV that have a native 16:9 aspect it will not use the full width.

I originally was testing this as a working solution for my wife as a class room instructor, but since you can't get the iPad to display through the AppleTV full-width (added vertical bars) for the 16:9 projector is was a let down, IMO.

Maybe a jailbroken iPad can do this (as someone else suggested) but that was going outside my scope of interest.

BTW, the 3/3.5 generation iPad have nice resolution and a Retina display, but unless you are sticking your nose up close you may need to question your eyes' ability to resolve that wonderful resolution. The inter-cone/rod is about one arc second, no? That could suggest a viewing distance for the iPad in landscape more of ~1.5 screen widths.

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