Suggested settings for greatest shots at beautiful little temp amusement park?

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Re: S priority + wider lenses

Awesome....keep it coming I really appreciate it.  Yes if I leave earlier than I did last night it is possible to get there while a little bit of light is left.

OK also you have convinced be to take a light weight Velbon tripod with a decent little video head that I used last weekend as a tripod for the GH3 in a balcony for 2nd camera, shooting wide angle video footage of a stage play, while I manned my large shoulder rig on a serious tripod.  The Videomate 607.  It is nice for what it is but "heavy duty" as the description reads, in terms of shake, it is not.  However I improved that tremendously by wrapping 2 2 1/2 leg weights with velcro around the center column above the spreader...5lbs total.  That makes the tripod MUCH more solid and very workable for the GH3 with the decent little fluid head to have that extra weight centered on it, and the tripod is not expensive.

Not going to mess with all that but I could definitely drop just one leg and use it for a monopod.  Here's a link on B&H:

So auto ISO would be the ticket?  I could still set the limit on the GH3 to 1600.  If anything I may even fudge these shots to be under exposed if anything and as someone mentioned work with the shadow and highlight sliders in Photoshop.  I'm going to set the cameras for RAW + JPEG but usually am more than fine working in PS with JPEGS I get from both these cameras.  But just in case I get a really nice pic I want to have most ability to work with......

Not sure I want to go to 3200 on the A77 but might, if I use that camera too.  Guess I can always use NIK's Define 2 plug in to work with any noise if needed.  I like that a lot and usually just go with what it comes up with if I use it.

Edit:  Forgot to mention "flash" as some are suggesting.  In all the shots I have taken since I have had the GH3 and the A77 they have all been available light.  Zero flash shots from the internal units.  I'm a little gun-shy about this with no prior experience.  (Probably very easy I'm sure....just don't have a lot of time for prep on this)

The COLORS though from the street looked gorgeous, and why I am motivated to go to the effort to do this.

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