Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Re: Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

Larrycf wrote:

I think it's sad (and greedy) that Adobe no longer offers upgrade pricing on Photoshop and other Creative Suite software. They want to force everyone to the cloud and pay endlessly for a subscription. Unfortunately some of us don't have deep pockets to do this so, reluctantly, I will be looking for alternative software. Too bad. I think Adobe will lose a lot of customers from this move.

As long as the RAW conversion files are updateable for whatever camera one has, it may not matter, as many others, I have  A LOT to learn in PS CS6 and LR 3 and both have whatever I need, along with my newly purchased Nik bundle.

I was blessed, I got ALL at reduced pricing, from LR3 on special cant remember exactly, PS CS6 for 190 bucks roughly, new on special, and now a Nik bundle for 149 bucks.

Wonderful and I don't need any more software.

Maybe its different for working pros, but then, their software can be amortised over say two years anyway, as a cost of production.

That said, I suspect this may also be that because of competition, pricing will come down, hence the developers have to make the money back in some way.

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