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RLBur wrote:

Hello Eric,

I wanted to find the number of total clicks on my S100...the more traditional ways of doing that as with the S95 and previous models would not work with the S100.

I had to go to the CHDK forum and install CHDK for my S100 and then jump through a few hoops running the software to get the total number of shots.  I do not have the G15 and don't know if CHDK is yet available for it.  If it is available, you can install CHDK and get your information.

For the S100 it was a little complicated, but I was able to do it and I'm sure you can too.


Randy -

I did try CHDK with what I'm sure was an earlier G..think it may have been the G7 ..  it worked OK but I was never comfortable in how it was used and gave it up very quickly..  but I now find that there is a system which works on many G's with a VERS.REQ file on the SD card.. and a couple or so button presses so I'm going to try that when I get the camera in my hands..maybe Tuesday now with the Holiday W/E

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