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Re: Did you notice the italics? ;)

Teila Day wrote:

Conversely, and relatively speaking, if I'm looking at a photograph of a woman in a $7,500 wedding or ball gown, I do not want to see a colour photograph of her taken with any camera on today's market at 12800 iso as opposed to base iso.

Base ISO won't cut it in dark church or banquet hall unless you're running studio lights.

Sports?  Mostly informational.  When looking at photographs of a race car pile up, I don't care if the photograph was taken at 100, 800, or 12800 iso because I just want to see what the scene looked like and couldn't care less about pattern noise, grain, etc.

Also, what's "acceptable" is typically determined by the paying client, not the photographer.

Client always determines what's acceptable.

If the D3x is perfect for you, I encourage you to try the Canon 5d3.  You'd miss the pro body layout, but you get a heck of a lot of camera for the money (in comparison) and video.

Not practical, unless you have the money to support a second system. Quality lenses are not cheap.

2nd system doesn't mean you have to double up on the same lenses.  It's common to have a 24-70 on one cam (pro body), and an 85 on another (semi pro body), etc..   Even if you shoot sports, doesn't mean you have two 500 f/4 lenses or two 1Dx.


You're mixing up two different things. One hand you state if you have D3X, try 5D3, which I was initially responding two. With three Nikons (D3S, D700, D800), and shooting with two, I have a third as backup. Your sol if you're 5D3 goes down with 85/1.2 if you don't have a Nikon equivalent. I always believe in spare backup body, and I have two 24-70/2.8 for indoor events.

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