D600 Auto Focus Points - Who Thought That Would Be A Good Idea?

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Re: They crippled it to (1) save and (2) protect the D800...

antoineb wrote:

If I did this, I would get:
- a slightly bigger and heavier camera which I would take to even LESS places, when my D7k already stays home a lot because of its size and weight

Really? body weight difference is about 9%, add a lens the difference is about 6 or 7%, you would leave it home because it is 6% heavier?

- limited use of my more modest DX lenses, 35mm f1.8 and 18-200mm f3.5-5.6.  And so perhaps eventually the need to buy more Nikon lenses (which is probably exactly what Nikon wants form me..)

No, you get exact same use out of your DX lenses, they just dont magically turn into FX lenses.

- AF which is exactly the same as on my D7k but possibly will be more put to the test as FX has shallower DOF all else being equal

It is not the same, it received a software and possibly a processor upgrade.

- a bit less battery life

About 1/7 less. Does that really make a difference?

and finally, I would also get an opportunity to be bothered by the dust/oil issue affecting the D600

Not quite finally is it?

You also get:

- 2.5 times better high iso performance

- 50% to 100% resolution improvement depending on the lens

- access to much narrower DOF.

- slightly more DR but in better quality

- slightly better colour depth

So overall, I would pay for a new body, potentially have to pay for more glass, and not get much if anything more from it, and possibly suffer from various larger and smaller issues.

So sorry Nikon, I'm not even going to try this camera out.  Good luck with it!

I certainly am not advocating you to buy a D600, but in the spirit of a fair and reasonable discussion, I think your analysis ought to be corrected. It is true that D7000's sensor is already quite good and if you do nto need the extra benefit from FF then there is no point in upgrading. Lets just not pretend that these benefits do not exist.

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