Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

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Re: Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

ken6217 wrote:

I have had my D3 since the first month they were released. I was curious is the D4 that much of an upgrade if I don't care about video?

Besides the additional 4mp, is the D4 and huge upgrade?



I usually shoot Nikon D3s bodies. Nikon NZ lent me a D4 for a week and, if I could justify spending $17,000 on two of them, I would.

The control layout is better and the subtle changes in shape etc help if you have it in your hand for hours at a time.

The annoyance for me is the fact that the D3 series and the D4 have incompatible batteries, which means that you either need to buy two or you need to carry two chargers, two sets of batteries and so on.

A D4 is NZ$8500 and I would barely get $3500 for a D3s now, so I'd have to find a big chunk of change to make the swap and I do not think I would earn any more money as a result of that expenditure.

I prefer the dual CF slots on the D3s too.

If you want to shoot stills and don't need the speed or robustness of the D4 (and the weight!) then the D800 would probably be better - and cheaper.

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