Just a few comments on the recent forum controversy...

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jeff hladun
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Re: Just a few comments on the recent forum controversy...

Dov, I think this idea about only allowing "purist" Leica images has been obfuscated by nomenclature. The tradition of this forum has been to allow any image taken with Leica equipment. As such, your Panosonic-Leica lens imagery falls within that definition. I think the issue of transferring your latest post to the Panosonic forum was unfortunate; someone was just a little asleep at the wheel. Anyone posting work related to Leica equipment has the right to do so here. If BSweeney wants to modify yet another lens to work with a Leica body, then I'm all in favour in seeing the fruits of his labour. Somewhere, someone will be interested in this sort of work, and may even attempt copying the effort. More power to us all!

But this thread has pointed out that there are many who don't appreciate the intrusion of non-Leica imagery here, and I am one of them. Much as Nicholas points out, the current ratio of non-Leica picture posts is small, manageable even. What happens if there is a deluge of images and posts having nothing to do with this brand? What defense will there be if Leica posts become just a small percentage of total posts? Will we be able to reverse the direction of a free and unfettered Forum? It is where this Forum could go that I fear, not where it is presently.

This shouldn't be an "Us" versus "Them" type of debate. I think the idea of having one thread - open to both newcomers and regulars - displaying rolling, non-Leica imagery would be just the solution. The same sort of thread BSweeney opened a few weeks ago, and also the one I opened celebrating our 25,000th thread. This is a problem requiring some sort of compromise; I'd like to see a little easing of both sides on this issue.

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