Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

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Re: Yessss !!!!!!

rayman 2 wrote:

The D4 is about 1-2 stops better then the D3 and the D700 !!

Plus its got a little more room for cropping and its got a much better auto white balance...

But to be honest I wouldnt sell the D3  I would keep it as a backup....!


I'd put it as 1+ stop better based on my experience. I never saw anything 2 stops better (but I'm only at 5K shots so far). Similar to the D3S (reputedly -- I never had a D3S to compare to).

A word on ridiculously high ISO levels. Naturally I had to try out ISO 200,000 to see what it would do. I was able to get images when the light was so bad I couldn't see anything through the viewfinder. The images were not anything I'd like to show anyone (not because of the subject but because of the image quality or lack thereof).

After a few more tries in the 25K - 200K range I decided that ISO 50K was the maximum practical level. At that level I was able to produce reasonable images using a lot of noise reduction and downsampling. I was also able to get almost reasonable images at 200K, but only if I could have gotten a reasonable image at 50K. Images at 200K had horrible color balance that I was unable to correct in LR. I did not try Photoshop. Given the way ISO 200K is produced (by shooting at ISO 12800 and pushing the amplification up, with some jiggering in the signal processing), that result was pretty much what I had expected.

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