Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Photo's speak much louder than empty words. Please, post some of you images (in full resolution) for our entertainment and review. Hopefully you have been able to figure out how to bring out the best in the X20, since others have obviously not been able succeed. Only seeing is believing, anything less is pure conjecture and subjective opinion.

Just a note: my previous pix had LR sharpening applied a wee too aggressive! I'm quite happy with the DR characteristics. Those expecting DSLR-class pixels are in the wrong forum! ;-P

Your images do not show up

Sorry. I have no idea why this particular image do not show. Remember, all the other images I posted here are visible, so it's just an "image" not "images" ;-P

Here is the pix again. Hope it's visible now.

So, if I understand correctly, this is the example of great image quality X20 is capable of? Or you are joking with us?

It doesn't really matter how you interpret it. What matters is how the image presents itself under many conditions. I notice this machofest among men on how much effective and bigger their... whatever... are in terms of raw numbers and other ethereal factors. However, I'll take your statement as being in good cheer, such is the Lady that I am.

I am impressed with this picture because the scene is very very dark under the heavy near-black snowcloud above us. I have worked with many point-and-shoots before and I don't make any pretense that this is da bomb of a pix. But what I can do say is that it is NOT bad as what others may claim. This is NOT a contest of sorts but my contribution to those who want to evaluate the X20... Exposure recovery for this capture is impressive and the noise grain is well under control. This is quite good for a small-sensor camera AFAIC. Your expectations and interpretations may vary.

You may be happy with it, but good image quality this is not, especially for a $600 camera at ISO 200, and 2/3 sensor is not that small to be so swamped with noise at such low ISO. And this is from RAW, I can't even imagine what the OOC JPEG would look like.

Pricing aside (ignoring the camera's other features), there is some merit in what you said. I will, however, when I finish my holiday, show you comparison shots under the same lighting condition and settings to the LX7 (another personal favorite). While it may probably may not a fair comparison, the LX7 is quite representative of what a good/great enthusiast camera should be. But that's another story.

Low ISO, yes. But like I said (in case you missed it), the lighting was POOR (read: very dark) and I only recovered the highlights and lit the exposure some. The picture shows an exposure much brighter than it really is. I do understand my settings were off, especially on the shutter speed. Even my D300S will show quite some grain at ISO 200 in this lighting.

And yes, I'm okay with this. I don't participate in the sport of pixel-peeping.

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