Aperture : Can you export back to CR2 format

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Re: Also can just get it with Finder

Godefroy wrote:

Actually, going into the finder does not help you find and export your CR2 files back out of Aperture, it's an impossible process!  When in Aperture, the only way to get your pictures out are to do it in a TIFF mode. I love Aperture, but Apple's philosophy to keep users locked in is not an added value for anyone! Shooting with a full frame, I get barrel distortion, which only Lightroom can handle and or Cannon DP, but I have to get my pics out.

Bottom line, don't import your pics in a "managed" process, do it by opting for "Referenced" file management instead.


Well, outside the fact that you have "revived" a zombie thread from 5 years ago, you are also absolutely, completely wrong.  As stated originally, if you want to, for some reason, get an exact "copy" of your original RAW image file (CR2 or otherwise), you simply select the images you want to "export", and then choose File/Export/Original from the File menu.  Couldn't be simpler.  And of course you can get at your original image in the Aperture Library.  If you have been running a referenced Library, just go to the Library location, find the file, and "copy" it.  Or, if you are running a managed Library, go to the Library file, which is a Unix "Package".  Control click, or right click on the file name and choose "show package contents".  You then navigate through the nested Projects and Folders to find your file and again, copy the image.  While the finder approach is indeed, doable, why in the world would you want to do this, when Apple built in the easy way to "export" any type of file you want from the Library inspector?  By the way, this works either with a managed Library or an Referenced Library.  And it works, essentially the same way that Lightroom handles it.

While it is true that Lightroom has a lens correction tool that Aperture does not have, you can easily handle those few images that have barrel or pincushion distortion using a plugin such as PTLens.  In the case of Plugins, Aperture creates a "copy" TIFF (or PSD) file and passes it to the plugin.  After adjustment, the plugin writes the edited TIFF back in place of the copy TIFF.  Would be nice if a future version of Aperture handled this as a RAW file function.

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