Future of Pentax?

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Re: Future of Pentax?

Barry Pearson wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

My hunch is they will make FF announcements at the same time these will be

  • What current lenses will work properly with FF
  • Lenses for FF which will be [Re]introduced over the next year
  • A FF compatible 1.4x TC
  • A prototype  FF camera on show with availablity near the end of the year.

Would the "FF compatible 1.4x TC" be sufficient to enable APSC-lenses to work on FF?

Arithmetic suggests that it would fall a bit short.

"APS-C" lenses?  I take it you mean DA lenses?  Many of these have an image circle larger than the 27mm of APS-C; in the case of zooms, through some of their range but not all of it.  I don't know which DA zoom lenses give an image circle greater than 31mm but any prime from 35mm FL up will.

You can get a reasonable idea of coverage by using the Composition Adjustment feature if your camera has it.  For example, my Sigma 8-16 at 8mm vignettes just before using the full extent of Comp Adjustment so its circle is about 29mm so I'd lose a bit with the TC.  If you can't see vignetting you'll lose little if anything.

Naturally there'll be a small loss of resolution from the TC itself and the lenses themselves will be a little sofdter in the extreme corners: but then it seems to be generally accepted that a lot of older FF lenses will look soft on digital too.

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