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Spiridakis Michael wrote:

I just got a very nice and in fine condition Olympus OM 50mm f:1.8 lens and I am looking to clean the dust of it, is there any good idea how to do a really good cleaning without damage of the lens itself... The lens is in fine condition I would dare to say maybe "new" the metal of its base is shining its super clean without any signs of usage the same with the lens barrel etc. it is just full of dust everywhere and I asked on the shop to not touch it and clean it as I prefer to manage the situation by myself.

The second question is what about an mft to OM lens adapter I had a quick look at the prices and the choices and I am somehow confused, there is one model of Olympus at a very high price, a second one from novoflex at a really expensive price too and some e-bay models at really cheap price.... so any idea - recommendation extremely welcome.

Thanks in advance - mike


cheap chinese adapter will do just fine, as for dust, i don't think it will influence photos. get yourself the adapter, try the lens and then if photos show influence of dust then try to clean it (i'm guessing dust is inside the lens)

Thanks for your response the lens is covered with dust outside and I am looking for really deep cleaning to make it look like new.

speaking for the adapters I am thinking the same but any other info or experience welcome as I am on the way my next manual lens to be samyang 85mm f:1.4 in 4/3s so I will need a second adapter too...

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