Suggested settings for greatest shots at beautiful little temp amusement park?

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Re: Suggested settings for greatest shots at beautiful little temp amusement park?

Take a reading, then bracket, bracket, bracket! Review what you get and bracket some more! Finally, mess around with highlight and shadow recovery in PP.

The big problem in this kind of situation is the difference between the lights and the lit, and what that means in different shots. In some shots, you will prefer to let the lights burn out in the interests of seeing the lit better; in others, you will want to let the lit go into the shadows while you expose for the lights. Lots of bracketing means you can make some critical decisions at your leisure in PP later.

A huge advantage is if you can get there when there is still a fair bit of light in the sky.

Also, don’t forget that built-in flash or a flash in the flash shoe, to light foreground interest a bit.

A G1 shot of Luna Park in Sydney with the pop-up flash getting me just enough light on the foreground group of revellers to be able to pull up them (and the rest of the darker areas) with shadow adjustment in iPhoto.

I would say the pop-up flash in the above photo gave me a better result than a more powerful flash would have done as it did not over-illuminate the group but just lit them enough to allow them to come out of the shadowed area around them.

I must say -- if I had had a more powerful flash, I doubt I would have thought of shooting it at reduced power to achieve this effect! We learn all the time!

HAVE FUN!!! Great subject!

Cheers, geoff

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