Is professional photography dying out?

Started Mar 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
Hulamike Senior Member • Posts: 2,810
Getting Embarrassing

It's even getting embarrassing. I was at a small event in a local park recently where "photographers" (with DSLR not just cellphones) outnumbered guests. Young, unskilled shooters were running amuck, placing tripods with GoPros in the line of sight of other shooters, using flash during a part of the event (fire eater ) where the artist had asked for darkness; acting generally clueless. Part of being a "pro" is knowing how to be invisible at an event, how to shoot it and not bother others. Uncle Bill doesn't understand any of that. In fact he thinks he's "cool" out here dancing around like some sort of bad ass paparazzi.

Its actually become embarrassing to be a photographer in public. God save us From UBill !!

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