"Cheap" 28-70mm f2.8 lens recommendations

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Re: "Cheap" 28-70mm f2.8 lens recommendations

OngT8m wrote:

Hi all, so I tired to put 2-3 legacy lenses in my backpack every time I went traveling. Now it's time to find a news all-in-one lens that has enough function for my daily routine.

I found out 28-70 2.8 is the best for me but it's too pricey, about 200$ or above on ebay. I have no idea about third parties lens like Tamron and Sigma, but they're seem to be reliable. Please give me some advices for buying. The best price I can afford is 150$.

The f/2.8 zooms are all more expensive, they are also big and heavy. You can get Tokina 24-50mm/2.8 around $100. It's not a big lens, very well built. Though I wasn't satisfied with that lens as it lacked sharpness at 2.8, exhibited too much flare, and had yellow cast.

But the question is whether you need f/2.8 for traveling. My current go anywhere lens is Pentax FA 28-105/3.2-4.5, which is small and light, sharp, producing typical SMC 'happy' colors, and if you are lucky you can find a used one for around $100.

Here is one from a recent hike:

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