Fujifilm X System suited as a travel/landscape camera

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My travel bag, incl X-E1 ...

NefeliM wrote:

Hi all,

I'm a long time lurker on this website/forum, but now i could use some personal advice. Me and my wife planned a trip in November to Nepal to do some trekking in the Himalaya's. I've sold my old setup (40D, lenses, flash, etc) because it was just to "heavy"/bulky so i ended up leaving it at home in the end. I was wondering if an X system would be suited as a travel/landscape camera. And if so which one would be your choice? an x-pro1/e-x1 because of the flexibility of the lenses or an X100/X100s because the wide-angle is versatile enough for landscape/traveling.

Thanks for reading!

I have travelled large parts of the world extensively over the last 40 or so years, travelled throughout Asia initially with a 24/2.8 and a 105/2.5 on a Nikon F3. After those glorious days my gear got heavier and heavier until a few months ago I sold the ,ot of my around 7.5KG Nikon gear and bought an X-E1.

I did a couple of tester-pot trips within New Zealand taking a few things that I would now find would suit my interests (don't like it when people talk about "needs..."):

1. X-E1 body with 18-55 zoom: too many in between pics or photos where you cannot get close enough with a 23mm or 35mm.

2. 14/2.8: a brilliant lens to "open up" skies and simply space.

3. Cullmann Reverse 626 travel tripod & Really Right Stuff L-plate: fits into a daypack!

4. Second battery, although since I exclusively use the EVF have never run out of oomph during even full days.

5. ND8 & polariser.

Here are some pics to illustrate what I mean, I thnk you can guess what lenses the pics are being taken with:

Close up, 55mm cropped, would have missed this with a 23/35mm, same would go for portraits & details:

Wide taken last weekend with the 14mm in the Tongariro National Park, mountainous terrain, not quite like the Himalayas, but Ruapehu is around 2.800m too ...

Zoom used on landscape, again I think that 23/35 would havebeen too limiting, image not cropped! Spot the people to get an idea of the size of those little ponds...

Again taken with 14mm, night shot, note the dynamic range of the Fuji, enough light on the trees but the stars clearly visible. Taken on tripod, using 2sec self-timer:

I think the biggest "asset" if you like for travel photography is the 14mm! Why? Because of the rather non-existent distortion that often come with extreme wide angles. The 14mm can be used virtually everywhere, except for portraits.

There is a reason why Joachim Gerstl (second post!) calls this his most used lens during his trip to South East Asia a few weeks ago.

Good luck with your choice!


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