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Re: part 9 -- daylight indoor LvsM ISO ladder using GOOD settings

Kim Letkeman wrote:

This is such a tiresome debate, but it makes sense to go through this again using what I have learned so far with the HS50's JPEG engine ...

So here you are ...


Note that M wins easily, as is always the case in a thorough and fair test

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> Kim Letkeman whined:

A note on the whole L versus M debate. Don’t be fooled by the forceful opinions you see where L “crushes” M and blurry images are posted to prove it. These images are invariably poorly shot, with no attempt to sharpen up the M size image after upsizing (showing a profound lack of skills and understanding of what interpolation does to an image) and with little attention to surfaces, dark subject, and very fine details.

> Blurry buildings do not an argument make, except on the Internet. So please just examine these closely. I shoot M size exclusively, and nothing I have seen from the HS50 has changed my mind, except perhaps when shooting with factory settings. Then maybe it does not matter because I think there is a bug in the firmware. But if you drop noise reduction to –2, and shoot every else at 0, then M mode seems to shoot very nicely.

Lol. 1/900s shot of a building blurry? I wasted time looking at your samples but it clearly showed L size has more details on the note and sharper too? Again who will believe in your lousy comparison? You cannot magically produce a detail that is not there.

Just for goodness sake, stop with your delusional claim. You've ridiculed yourself once again. LSize is sharper and has more detail than upsized M size.

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