Future of Pentax?

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Re: Future of Pentax?

Manituwa wrote:

The APS-C K-3 will be here in April.  They'll show their FF in the fall (most likely available early next year).  That is my prognostication, and I'll predict further that even when these things come true that we'll find fault with what Pentax has done.

If we're going to make guesses. I think Pentax will reveal a new top end APS-C camera in April and that will be the summit of APS-C for them. Not the last - we will see cost reduced APS-C cameras for a good few years yet.  But it will be last flagship camera to use an APS-C size sensor.

My hunch is they will make FF announcements at the same time these will be

  • What current lenses will work properly with FF
  • Lenses for FF which will be [Re]introduced over the next year
  • A FF compatible 1.4x TC
  • A prototype  FF camera on show with availablity near the end of the year.

The putative new APS-C will have a new PRIME chip with the focus peaking and Video ability of the K30 and K01 and the 14 bit depth of the K5/K5 II , and this chip will also Power the 645D-II and the FF camera. The 645D-II will launch between the new APS-C and the FF.

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