If this video doea not address it nothing will! For EPSON

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Re: Relative colorimetric vs perceptual

Hugowolf wrote:

One of the main problems of ColorMunki Photo, is that the iterative approach doesn't allow for providing profiles for others, which is something XRite and DataColor have been trying to achieve for years. Better for them that everyone buys a profiling system, than a few people providing profiling services.

Another is the drying time: ten minutes really isn't enough, especially for many dye based inks. (There are simple work arrounds for the ten minutes, but they are not pretty.)

Brian A

1. You can leave prints to dry overnight and scan them next day.

2. Go to: “Windows>System 32>Spool>Drivers>Color” copy the *.icm or .icc file that corresponds to monitor or printer profile you created. Share it all you like.

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