Blogger Ming Thein: GH3 a "consumer appliance"

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Re: Ming is one of few camera reviewers who actually takes great pictures.
Why does he lack the skills? I can't see that.

He does not know how too shoot video and how to evaluate the camera here and concludes (if I remeber correctly, I am not going ot read it again) things about te videodepartment that it is nothing special and has an awfull rolling shutter effect.

to give a helpfull review for those who want a GH3 cam and use it to the full. He has a very personal view on ergonomics (which is okey) and he has made it clear he simply did not use the camera as much as he used others and blames the camera for it.

If the camera as a view finder as the GH3 has, I would also stop using it extensively. Obviously, the camera has so many showstoppers for Mr. Thein that he could not see any reason to make even deeper analysis of it. A very reasonable approach. By the way, his review is at least as detailed as many other reviews (usually with uncritical positive results).

You can shoot video and foto with the screen if you like. "Giving up" is hte opposite of what you should always try to do I think "doing the best and making the most of it". Detail: I miss a lot of data, measrements with approproiate software. I don't think it is extensive at all.

The problem is that the review did not yield the results, the GH3 buyer expects.

I am not a buyer of the cam and never will be.

He can blame it for his reluctance to use it, he cannot blame the cam for acting upon this feeling.

Sure he can.

Sure, but that is not realistic. You are responsible for your own actions when you are a grown up, not someone else or something else.

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