Compact DSLR vs. OM-D

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Re: Compact DSLR vs. OM-D

My take, and I own an E-M5 so consider the source. I had an E-620 and liked it but the sensor was really getting dated, Oly was seemingly abandoning the regular 43 market, the pens had tweaked versions of the same old sensor. I really looked at cameras like the Canon D60, D7, and Nikon D7000 closely. I thought in terms of sensor performance the D7000 was the cream of the APS-C crop when I was shopping. But I also knew how I used a camera and actually wanted something smaller, lighter, and less intrusive for everyday use. And every time I looked at the Nikon and Canon dSLRs I was seeing bigger, heavier, more intrusive -- especially when you start adding a few lenses. The E-M5 really ticked a whole lot of the boxes I was looking for to check. I take it hiking, I throw it in a backpack on the bike, I take it traveling, I walk around town with it ... It goes with me and fits my lifestyle. It also sometimes doesn't get noticed where an SLR would. I went to a living history museum not knowing they had policies preventing people from using "professional cameras." The person selling the ticket sort of looked at my camera and said nothing. I later learned the policy and I'm pretty sure a D7000 wouldn't have gotten through the door. Also less intrusive walking around the street. If funds were no object I'd have a FF system to compliment the E-M5, but not replace. IMO, there's a lot to be said for relative portability, but that's a pretty individual requirement. One of the limitations is the cdaf autofocus system. For single shot autofocus it's very fast and accurate; it can't suffer from front and back focus that can occur with pdaf autofocus systems. But, it doesn't do continuous focus tracking very well. Right now, available SLRs would probably be better for action sports and perhaps better for your 2nd list requirement. It's also considerably pricier than a D5200. All of these cameras are darn good and none is perfect

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