Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Re: Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

Toedtoes wrote:

This "limited upgrade" is where Adobe irritated me.  I had a full version of PS4.  I upgraded (legally as there was no limit as to how far back you could go) to CS1.  A couple years later, they limited upgrades to "within 3 versions". My upgrade was 4 versions back.  When my computer crashed and I bought a new one, I had to contact Adobe to get authorization to activate my CS1 because it wouldn't take it from the PS4 files.  They did.  Everything is great.

Fast forward several years.  Another computer dead.  Reload software, call Adobe to get authorization to activate my CS1 (that I've been legally using for 5 years or so) and they refuse.  I'm not allowed to upgrade from PS4 to CS1.  I had registered CS1 so they could see that it was a legal purchase, but they wouldn't budge.  If I wanted Photoshop, I had to pay the $700 full price - I refused.

I ended up with elements, but I'm not as happy.  Getting lightroom helped, but it's a bit more cumbersome going between two software programs.  The main difference nowadays with elements and full photoshop is the "neutering" of tools with 16bit images.

I haven't verified this myself, but this may help.


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