A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Glen Barrington
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I'm investigating the possibility that Linux might be an answer. . .

I'm still running dual boot with Win 7 and Unbutu Linux, still looking for glitches.  Unbutu was pretty easy to install, and as the foundation for a digital darkroom, I'd say, so far, it seems like a do-able option, though not perfect.

I've looked at Raw Therapee as a replacement for Lightroom and I'd say it's almost there.  The raw development is pretty good but I'm less thrilled with its functions as a photo management tool.  It could use some improvement.  FWIW, it opens Lr produced DNG files.  It wouldn't appear to require much 'tweaking' to make it a serious competitor for Lr, but of course, I haven't done any analysis on something like that.  At this point, I've done some Raw development and simple file management.  I have yet to do any evaluation as a presentation product (In truth, I haven't even looked at that functionality, or even if it is there, as yet.)

Gimp. . . is usable.  I still don't like its UI.  As near as I can tell, it appears to be the only editor aimed at the 'serious' photographer, but the need for a different editor will be minimized if a decent  workflow product appears.  Raw Therapee could turn into one with a little additional developmental effort I think, and there is anther I've heard some good things about called "DarkTable", I believe.  I haven't explored that product yet.

Also yet to explore is WINE, a windows emulator.  I've heard that even Lr will run under wine and most Linux distros, but my experience with emulators has not been good, but that was 20+ years or so ago.  But if I can get what I need that way with reasonable performance  I'd certainly consider it.

At this point Microsoft seems almost suicidal to me.  I can't believe the major photo software vendors aren't at least investigating the possibility of producing Linux versions of their poplular titles, if for no other options than to hedge their bets.  After all I don't think anyone has made a strong argument that a touch UI actually improves a digital darkroom.

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