Is professional photography dying out?

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PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

knowing when to get out, move on, etc is smart.
I've worked for many small busiensses and I"m still amazed how much marketing effort there is to being a photographer.

This year, as I get wiser, I'm trying a few new things- "paying" folks to post on FB for example - paying for WOM really.

Sounds strange but I"m not the first to try it. Go check out 'viggle' - I saw TV ads for it yesterday for the first time. They pay you to watch TV. Then I suppose you see the ads and will buy the products.

I can buy ads on FB or pay people to post on FB can call their comments my ads. Same cost to me and hopefully better results.

It's a way to get the customers that love my work to TELL SOMEONE! Or so goes the theory.
I tried one of these 'theories' for my bridal shows this year and got no calls, no emails, no nothing. First time every for that. Not sure what to take away from it and what I can do to change that for the future.

If your pricing is in line with your talent, brand and skill level you'll stay busy, but if you are over priced it won't happen. That's the key. Knowing your talent and pricing accordingly.

Although if one is a great salesman, then he could sell snow to an eskimo, regardless of the


What i've seen, and I'm guilty of this as well, is that people come into the photography "business" with the artistic skills but severely lack the business skills to be successful.

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