If this video doea not address it nothing will! For EPSON

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fft81 - I agree!

fft81 wrote:

I watched the whole video and i really do not understand why people are complaining about the epson guy. I am an engineer in real life and he is talking like an engineer, explaining the options that epson hardware provides. The art minded people fail to realize that he is giving them a box of tools, art minded people think that he is giving them a plan to how build a house, so they criticize the plan, b/c they think they can build the house better. All that printer does is lay ink onto paper in a certain pattern that tries to reproduce colors from your image. Relative colorimetric, perceptual.... no, neither one is better, they are different tools which you have to choose from to do that, which YOU are trying to achieve. The same applies to everything else he states. And yes, he is right, the 3000 patch profiles are more accurate than what CM generates, BUT the 3000 patch profile does not help you make your monitor look close to what print will look like. The 3000 patch profile just helps you to reproduce colors listed in the file on paper more accurately. ColorMunki gives you a tool to see what your image will look like before you print it, by calibrating your monitor/projector. If you do not assume that he is telling you what you should do and you realize he is just telling you what you CAN do; then his explanations will make much more sense.

I thought the Espson tech rep did a great job on explaining all aspects of printing and color management.  Remember this was a presentation for about an hour+, not a whole day classroom experience.

I hope everyone got his bottom line comment, to forget the custom profiles, the Epson canned printer driver settings, to make a perfect print, just make sure that prints look good to you no matter what it takes to get there!

Bob P.

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