How accurate should one expect autofocus to be?

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Re: How accurate should one expect autofocus to be?

tiko wrote:

mironv wrote:

AF-S like it or not will do own small ajustmants when will detects that object moves but in less rapid sucsesions than AF-C. .

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Are you sure about this? I mean wouldn't that make the single servo concept pointless?


No it dose not as time between holding lucking shutter and keeping AF point and time you trip a shutter your object can move and where there is detectable movemant AF-S dose track this and ajust it self you can read it in every Nikon description of AF function of camera. They in past few generations of AF make sych an issue of tracking thak we don't have a trap focus anymore. You know what trap fosus is??? My N90s when set to af but I switch lens to manual and preset at distance I need will not fire untill AF detects object in focuas so this was preffere method for macro AF shooting. You just moved camera a bit holding shutter button fully pressesd and camera trip it when AF modul sees object in focus. You can pre focus at empty space like above obstycels for Jumper Horses and just wait till gets there and have perfect shot. Fuji S5 is last camera that did this but only with manual lenses.

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