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clarnibass wrote:

When I recently tried the Nikon 70-300 VR I was surprised by the louder and more obvious VR, because it was more than any other lens I've tried. I could easily feel it and also hear it a little. Significantly more than the 24-85 VR I tried recently or the Canon 15-85 IS I have, where I honestly don't notice if IS is on or not except by the viewfinder, shake blur or looking at the button.

It was also (surprisingly) less effective, to me at least, in proportion to the focal length i.e. I could hand hold the 24-85 at 85mm relatively easily at 1/10 and with decent results at 1/5 most times. I regularly hand hold my 15-85 at this speeds and gotten a couple of photos at 1/2 that were good (but % then is very low). It wasn't particularly easy to hand hold the 70-300 at 300mm even at 1/80. A bit disapointing but maybe it's because I'm not used to big/long lenses.

The loudest VR I've heard was on the 70-200 VR1 and it was on multiple copies. It seemed to echo inside the metal casing.

Hand holding at 300mm with VR and VC still takes some practice, of course. I try to remember to keep it off at higher shutter speeds, but I sometimes forget.


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