Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Here is my mini review with a set of pics shot today.

I bought this camera for my wife to use as a point and shoot and for a fun camera when I want a pocket able camera.

This set of shots today was a bit challenging with bright sun overhead and on a moving boat for some shots.  All were shot in RAW and processed with LR 4.4 RC.  All were shot at iso 100 in AV (A) mode.  Auto white balance was used.  Most images have tweaks in LR to the WB, Exposure with Clarity about 50, Sharpening about 25-50, Shadow about 40.  If the images are cropped it is just to straighten a horizon.


So.. what do I think?

1. nice fun little camera

2. a bit expensive for a nice fun little camera but I have no regrets

3. it will be fine in my wifes hands.. I'm sure she will set it on P and wear it out in a couple of years... or break it.. or the grandkids will smash it or something.

Comments: If you want images equal to a 600 dollar DSLR APS-C camera... then buy a 600 dollar DSLR. (or spend more on a X100) If you want a fun little handy camera that does a decent job of doing what you tell it to do.. this will do a lot.... with a very small sensor that is very limited by the size of the sensor.

Also... other images in this set from the last week or so...



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