Best CPL filter !!

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Re: Best CPL filter !!

With some wide angle lenses, there can be a shadow or dark ring visible if the filter ring is too thick. That's the main reason for the slim mounting rings.

A CPL is thicker than a standard ND or UV filter, so the slim mounting ring is a way to avoid the vignetting.

If you can stack 2 filters without the shadow/vignetting, you should be ok with a standard type with threads on both front and rear.

It sounded like you got a slim filter with no front threads, so the lens cap won't grip it.

Most of the premium grade CPL's are the slim mounts to avoid the vignette/shadow/tunnel with a wide angle lens. I normally wouldn't "stack" a filter on top of a CPL, so I wouldn't need the outer threads. On some lenses, the filter with the front threads would act like a tiny lens hood. The camera could "see" the ring.

Someone using the 12-35 should know if a standard type mounting ring CPL works ok with that lens. If they can stack 2 filters without the vignetting, then it should work.

You "probably" don't need the slim mount, but I don't have that lens  to compare.

Hi Bbuilder thank you for your very helpful info. Just like you mentioned i may not need a slim MT cpl because i've never seen the dark ring available.

Best regard


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