A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Re: It is the only and fair game to customer

CameraCarl wrote:

I bought a new PC shortly after Vista came out and had so much trouble running Photoshop that I returned the computer to Dell and bought a Mac.  My 5 years of Mac experience has not been that good -- multiple repairs, intermittent crashes that no one at Apple could diagnose or fix -- so I started shopping for another PC.  Then Windows 8 came out and my shopping stopped. Now I'm in limbo waiting for Windows 9 or ... whatever.

Can't understand why you had so much trouble running Photoshop on Vista.  I ran Photoshop 7 on my Vista laptop for a few years without any problems at all.  I also run PS7 on Win7 and Win8 with no problems at all.

You can buy Win8 and

  • Install the free Classic Shell.
  • Set Classic Shell to boot directly into the desktop.
  • Set Classic Shell to disable active corners. (to stop Win8 popups)
  • Don't run any Win8 apps at all. (since they will pop you back to Win8's UI)
  • Install apps designed for Win7 and below and use them.

I've done that on my laptop and it works like my Win7 tower with no problems.  (Except that I had to replace Win8's wireless driver with the Dell wireless driver to get full speed.)  I'm convinced that Win8 is really Win7 written with tighter code, with the Metro UI added and the desktop start menu removed.


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