Is shooting raw 4 HDR worth the trouble?

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Re: That brings up another question

Mike CH wrote:

rondeann wrote:

Is there an advantage to preparing raw files (making adjustments within the raw converter) for HDR processing as opposed to running the raw files directly into the HDR software and if that is true do you have a recommended workflow for the raw converter.  It would seem to me that some functions available in the raw converter (brightness..contrast...) might be interfer with the HDR software process.

Depending on the situation, I'll use WB, Lens Corrections, Noise and perhaps Camera Calibration - but nothing more. As you say, I suspect it will interfere with the HDR merging.

Anything else I do after merging.

I agree. One big advantage if you use Lightroom for your converter is to change the local white balance and local noise reduction with the selection brush. This is especially helpful for deep shadows.

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