How accurate should one expect autofocus to be?

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Re: How accurate should one expect autofocus to be?

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Stop using AF-C and set to AF-S if a kid moves a bit just re touch shutter button and AF will re focus.

Thank you Mirnov. I had similar issues with AF-S, and switched to AF-C since I thought motion (either mine or the subject's) was causing the off focus.

Try using AFC single point instead of 9 point dynamic while still keeping the focus point on the eye. In the dynamic mode the camera will initially use the point you selected but MAY change it to another point if  it finds something with better contrast under ANY of the other (9, 21 or 51) dynamic points. While this is not how Nikon states it in the manual, I found it to be very true

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AF-C for slow moving people is pointless since camera AF is making all decisions and moment one trips a shooter may not be when critical focus is achived,specialy at small DOF tham my be a problems. At longer distance for sports this is preffered method of focusing and tracking object taking camera AF capabititys of AF-C. AF-S like it or not will do own small ajustmants when will detects that object moves but in less rapid sucsesions than AF-C. More than that one can luck and hold AF and just wait to have a perfect moment to take a shot. AF-C fore interior shots of people will always have some problems since this mode picks most contrasty point that it sees not nessesary where you need it to e and that waht makes all this storys about bad focus. It is just bad choice of camera AF that people choose for a given object. Even when wedding party walks from or to altar I never ever used AF-C anlways AF-s and just tap on shutter button and I never have any missed focus shots. I often luck focus point from other objects that are in same distance and just wait for whatever I shoot to get there so I'm in control when and where if you set to AF-C all this decisions where and when is up to a camera AF system.

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