Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

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Re: Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

The Foveon sensors have had microlenses for a number of iterations now...

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Hello Moreorless,

Actually, for me, this is NOT possible with the actual foveon. First, I not sure that foveon rely on Microlenses to corect the ligh field in the corners of the Merrill sensor. I'm pretty sure that the sensor is "nude" and rely only on the lenses characteristics such as "telecentrism" to sort this problem.

Actually, by seeing were SIGMA/FOVEON is, at a technology level, this is not possible.

They have two choices but those are just my opinion, non expert:

  • They put microlenses on the sensors (I do not think it is that easy with the foveon structure ...)
  • They build "near" MF lens to be sure that light field will cover largely over APS-C and even over FF sensor size. This is what are doing Zeiss, by the way, with the future super lenses who are coming.

Final word is :

Please SIGMA, build us a FF SD in F mount

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