No global warming - climate scientists puzzled.

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Re: No global warming - climate scientists puzzled.

It's time for a new consensus.

Global warming is just another liberal fear tactic used to grab money and power. It is running it's course, being proven wrong. Once all the hype dies down and the money runs dry, the libs will just say...................oops.

Then they are off to their next hyped-up, hysterical, bullshiit cause to grab more money and power.........with the MSM happily carrying their water for them every step of the way.

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Rethink your last comment.

the climate is changing, and that's a very simple fact, the rest is open for debate but to deny the change is childish.

I can understand why global warming deniers dismiss all the recent scientific data showing warming and links to human activity. Here is a graph showing large swings in geological time:

(I can't find a link to this but I read a credible report that showed, if not for human CO2 and Methane emissions, the natural cycles of warm and cold would have and were until the industrial revolution happened, pushed down the temperatures to a gradual ice age condition.)

There is enough large frame geological time cycle stuff to prove it is all a hoax except in just a few years, we will all know for sure. I don't think anything humans are going to attempt to stop global warming is going to slow it down. I am a global warming fixit denier.


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