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Re: D7200: More Megapixels, more DR, or improved high ISO IQ?

jonikon wrote:

OK, the D7100 and it's 24MP sensor is a done deal, and there is no improvement in dynamic range or high ISO image quality, which I found disappointing after all the pre-release hype. There are  just more megapixels to make birders and pixel peepers happy, but what about the rest of us?

Grainy noise and dynamic range are image characteristics that are readily seen at most viewing sizes, but more megapixels are not, and in fact you need to zoom in using a  monitor to see the detail  difference between 16 and 24MP, (assuming a quality lens sharp enough to resolve the differences).

For those of you who think you will probably pass on the D7100, what improvements in image quality would you  like to see in the D7200, if any?

Personally I would like to see virtually no noise (grainy or otherwise) at lower ISOs, even in out of camera JPEGs,  while still retaining sharpness, color accuracy, and also some improvement in dynamic range. I don't think this is too much to ask for in a $1200 body!

Nikon D7000 image

Dear Nikon,

The D7000 image quality was a step forward and encouraging, so let's see more DR and less grainy noise for the D7200 than the D7100 has please!

- Jon

yes, my sentiments re image quality to a tee. at the end of the day, unless you are pixel peeping or heavily cropping with a peerless lens you would be pushed to see that much difference.

the improved weatherproofing, mode dial lock and AF improvement along with the auto crop and finer screen resolution are small but arguably useful.

the lack of apparent "issues" so far is a surprise considering nikons recent history.

if i were in the market for a new dslr body right now i would most likely go for the d7100.

however i think i will wait until the end of the year before upgrading as i need more use out of my current bodies to justify an upgrade. plus the fact that the recent uk weather has severely limited my photographic activity! (sorry, but i cant even blame nikon for that)!

in a nutshell, if i have a good year i may upgrade. if i have a bad year then i will not. if the d7200/d400 is rumoured by then i will give them due consideration too.

all in all the d7100 seems like a nice capable camera its just that for me and a lot of other people it is not really that big a deal.

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