Reading resolution charts comparing MFT lenses to FX lenses

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Re: Reading resolution charts comparing MFT lenses to FX lenses

...but the problems I have with this are:

(i) LensRentals use unprocessed raw files for their results and generally m43 lenses tend to need assorted nasties processed out (distortion and CA mostly), which will mush up the resolution somewhat when it happens, FF lenses don't REQUIRE this (you can do it, but the squishing needed will be less as the lens is designed to be okay without it).

(ii) Roger, who does the LensRental results you seem to rely on says:

"My own opinion is when I look at Imatest data comparing, say Nikon or Tamron lenses on a D800 I feel pretty comfortable that measured differences have some real-world correlation. I’m not as comfortable that holds true if I compare different systems."

But the latter is what you are doing. A second source of results would help here, although all the ones I look at suggest good FF lenses on good FF cameras win out over great m43 lenses on great m43 cameras, but I think we should just agree to differ on that one or we'll be here for ever...

(Edit) Just noticed on my first point he also says: "Another aspect is many, perhaps most m4/3 lenses have significant distortion. Correcting this in post reduces sharpness. So a lens with sharper numbers may not really have sharper images if a lot of that resolution is used up correcting distortion."

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