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Re: G15 - total shutter actuations ..

ericN2 wrote:

Does anybody know what may be the button-presses to find out true total shutter actuations on the G15 ?
I'm buying what is definiitely a used one although totally Mint.. but shutter count has clerarly been Reset in-camera and I'd like to know what is the true activation count.. has anybiody found the button-presses for this...if there is one...

I don't really want to use CHDK as I am not officialy the full owner at this stage until finally accepted .. and of course would like to do it if possible othewise

Try this. It works on G10,11,12:

This should work on the G series. (I know it works on the G11.)

Using an SD card reader, put a blank card in the reader, and create a new, empty folder named VERS.REQ at the root level of the data card. (e.g. if the drive letter the reader uses for the card is "G:" then the file will be G:\VERS.REQ and not G:\DCIM\VERS.REQ or whatever.)

Put that card in the G, then start in Preview mode.

Hold down the SET button and press DISPLAY

The Firmware Version will display.

Repeat the above step and the second screen will display more internal version info.

Repeat again and the third screen will display an item "Total Shoot:" followed by a number. The number is the total number of shots by the camera.

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