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Re: DPP, Lightroom and Photo Ninja, samples

MisterBG wrote:

Robgo2 wrote:

 I can't imagine why anyone would return to ACR/LR after becoming adept with PN, except out of force of habit or brand loyalty.  One can still use LR for file management, local adjustments  and printing, while using PN for the all important raw conversion.


Nobody dislikes the monster that is Adobe more than I do, and LR4 is the first Adobe product I've ever purchased, so I have no 'brand loyalty'. My choice was made purely on results from the trial version, compared with what I was already using.

Maybe if I'd seen PN before I paid for LR, I may have reconsidered my choice, but after evaluating the two side by side, the differences are minimal, and on my "awkward subject" test, LR still produces a slightly better result than PN, and does not require a great deal of effort to produce that result either. I write this as someone who has about a two weeks experience with LR, and whose learning curve is simply from "pushing a few sliders to see what happens". With a bit of guidance and experience I'm sure I'm going to get even better results than I have so far.

Some of us do not have unlimited resources, and cannot afford to pay out significant sums of money every time the "next best thing" comes along, so for that reason I'm committed to LR for a while.

One thing I do like about Adobe is that they regularly and frequently update their software to accommodate new cameras and lenses, something which some other brands (AfterShotPro?) could take a lesson from.
I wonder if PhotoNinja will be as regularly updated.

As the old saying goes, YMMV.  It takes time to become proficient with any program.  I think that if you had practiced with Photo Ninja for at least one week, you would have seen much better results.  That's about how long it took me to get a feel for its structure and flow, and I am very experienced with raw convertors.  PN is quite easy to use, and there is no doubt in my mind that it dusts ACR/LR, which is not to say that the latter cannot deliver pleasing results.  It can, and I hope that it will do so in your hands.


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