2560 x 1440 and other specs (build help)

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Re: 2560 x 1440 and other specs (build help)

Undah wrote:

I was looking at one of these high-res monitors in 27" and realized not many video cards can handle this resolution.

There should be a lot of video cards that can handle it by now, for photo and video editing.  If you are worried about a particular PC not handling a 27" monitor, make sure that the PC has at least one 16-lane PCI-E slot (either free, or occupied by an inferior video card) into which you can install your own card.

When I price my own build, it comes out to much more than Dell's XPS 8500.  Where are they cutting corners?

For one thing, Dell may be getting a much better price on Windows than you can get at the local big-box store.  Dell almost certainly gets much better volume pricing on components than you do, or than "white-box" custom build houses do.  Also, some "white-box" outfits actively-push higher-quality cases, power supplies, and cooling; things that cost extra, but that can be worth it.

Also, does an SSD drive have a role in this machine?

Are you asking whether you should include a SSD on your shopping list?  Or about whether some particular Dell 8500 configuration has one?

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