Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: If you want to be depressed check this out

Machine Gun Kelly wrote:

You do not know the situation. Do not make judgements. I will not explain the situation.

I think everybody is behaving very well so far in refraining from personal attacks. I am surprised at how many have chipped in. The themes coming out seem to be:

1 my area isn't the best
2 its a bit silly to start with everything before knowing if anything will sell
3 photography doesn't make anybody much money
4 the economy is killing luxury spending
5 advertising doesn't work
6 networking mostly works

I live in one of the depressed counties in California. Home foreclosures were the highest in the county, unemployment too. But people still get married and after 25 years in the industry I've changed and adapted to stay viable. Bottom line is........if you don't have the "goods" to attract clients, do something else. There's still tons of money to be made in the wedding industry. But if you think you'll get rich being a photographer, unless you are one of the top 5% rockstar status photographers, i'm afraid you'll be disappointed. If someone told you that you could get rich doing this, well, they lied to you.

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