What would I be sacrificing if I got the new Nikon L820 instead of SX50 or P520

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Re: What would I be sacrificing if I got the new Nikon L820 instead of SX50 or P520

birdsnbugs wrote:

So you really only need to do a few extra clicks to turn RAW files to Jpegs, that are better than Jpegs straight out of the camera.

I haven't done any research on using RAW files. I didn't try to convert any of the photos that I took with the camera while I was in the store and was able to view them on my laptop just by putting the SDHC card in. I don't know if I was looking at Jpegs or RAW.

If you just put the SD card in your laptop and could view all of the pics, then you were looking at Jpeg files.

YOu would need to go into the menu and set the camera to shoot Raw, or Raw + Jpeg. Also you would need software to convert the RAW files to jepgs to view them on your computer.

Canon gives you a good basic software that will let you view their RAW files, do minor editing, and then convert them to Jpegs which are a universal format.

Any camera you buy that can shoot RAW should give you a basic program to convert those RAW files into Jpegs.

I would say you should really look into RAW files, the details, and the Dynamic Range are there, better than JPEGS.

The detail is what sold me, I took a trip and shot in RAW and Jpeg, the RAW files had so much more detail.

And like I said the software makes it easy. Just open the software, and hit batch process, click auto correct and your done. Well the order might be a little different but it is simple, after it auto corrects the entire batch of pictures, go to the menu and convert them in batch to JPEGS, done.

And you are almost guaranteed to have better pictures by converting RAWs, over just taking Jpegs straight from the camera.

Of the cameras you are looking at, Nikon L and P, and Canon SX, I again would say the Canon is the way to go.

But personally I like Fuji colors alot, and Olympuse PEN cameras, so my next camera will be one of those. But I have the Canon and all personal feelings aside, it is fast, it does work, and it is one of the best bridge cameras.

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