Tripod recommendations for a 5D Mk3 + 70-200 F2.8

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Re: Tripod recommendations for a 5D Mk3 + 70-200 F2.8

Hans Kruse wrote:

A bean bag as an alterntive to a tripod, you must be kidding me

Comparable Gitzo and RRS tripods cost about the same. Read the Thom Hogan article on tripods.

Not comparable to Gitzo here in rip off Britain lol. Seriously though, I am not questioning the quality of the RRS stuf, it is top notch, just maybe over the top for many. For a talented landscape photographer such as your good self it is a great piece of kit. Maybe not for other types of photography though. I suppose it all depends on what you need. For my favourite type of photography which usually involves standing around on cold wet days in strong winds panning lots to take pictures of windsurfers with A high shutter speed then all that is needed is good support And a good gimbal head. Yes, the RRS would do the trick but so would one of the cheaper options just as well.

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