Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: you DONT know

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

You don't know anything but what they tell you. And they're likely lying. OK, putting 'spin' on it then.

I had a friend that ran one of those MLM outifts (think mary kay, miche bags, etc). She was doing well, but it was seasonal, and like any business you have your good days and your bad days.

When asked 'Hows business?' her stock response was 'unbelievable!' said with enthusiasm.  She told me that could me unbelivieably good - or unbelievabely bad.

It's like when photogs say "i've booked all I want to book" it usually a lie.

Or on pawn stars when someone says "i wanted more!" but if they sold it they really did get what they wanted - or they'd have turned it down.

I have all the weddings I want (for september, at that price point, at that venue...)

Every story has a happy ending - if you stop in the right place!

Craig wrote:

GMartin wrote:

Craig wrote:

Here is what I am talking about the upper end is busy.

these people are all booked up, look at their prices..

I know several of these "high end" wedding photographers. They have

regular full time jobs and do the weddings on the side. They may shoot 1 or 2

weddings every couple of months. If they had to depend on their weddings to

survive they couldn't.

I know that they are all booked up! They have a huge business.

They did it right, had connections and know how to market and are good, not great..

BINGO !! ONE important lesson  was taught when I was being trained coming up in the profession........always tell everyone you are booked and busy beyond's like anything in life......tell people something enough and they start to believe it.

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