Just a few comments on the recent forum controversy...

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Re: Just a few comments on the recent forum controversy...

I am a long time lurker of the Leica forum, having posted very rarely but enjoyed reading and learning a lot from this forum.
This forum was born to be the place for Leica equipment and photography but suffered a long evolution through the years.
Before the M8 there was very little public here and you could feel the demand for a digital M.
With the M9 the number of posts and the interest in general grew very quickly. I suspect today this is one of the most popular forums in DPR, the ratio of views/post is probably one of the highestof all.
You can only see the posts not the views thus you don't see the lurkers.
The OP listed the reasons for that: most civilized forum, high quality of images and best posts.
I see often the somebody saying that Leica is bought by rich people for status reasons. This might be true in some cases, but these people don't post here! So they are not in the forum. The posts I see are from clearly very experienced photographers with the eye for image.
This is the recipe for members feeling at home and being more like a social forum with a Leica theme.
So it is easy to see the two extremes. One is to restrict the forum to just Leica equipment and Leica images.
The other is to allow everything, becoming in practice an "open forum".
Nobody wants either one or the other.
So back to the OP's question: Where to draw the line? I believe this is the most difficult question for the moderators. But it has to be drwn somewhere.
If they don't establish some limits, it invalidates the whole forum system.
My suggestion is to set a limit on equipment to Leica related ones, including bodies, lenses and acessories that can be used in Leica equipment. Also allowing comparisons to Leica equipment.
On the photo and social side, the forum does not need a real limit, just do not allow clearly offensive and agressive posts would be fine.
One of the most valuable features of this forum is this cordial, receptive and open atmosphere. Notice that when somebody tries to open a stupid discussion like "what is the best equipment" or "mine is bigger than yours" nobody answers and the poster just goes try fishing in other fora where they are more receptive for this kind of discussion.
You don't really need any action from the moderator.
The quality of the members is one of the big assets of this forum.                        
Just my $0.02.

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