Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: If you want to be depressed check this out

Craig wrote:

GMartin wrote:

Craig wrote:

Here is what I am talking about the upper end is busy.

these people are all booked up, look at their prices..

I know several of these "high end" wedding photographers. They have

regular full time jobs and do the weddings on the side. They may shoot 1 or 2

weddings every couple of months. If they had to depend on their weddings to

survive they couldn't.

I know that they are all booked up! They have a huge business.

They did it right, had connections and know how to market and are good, not great..

SOME do....I know of one "high end" wedding shooter who just shut down his studio and move to a another town with a higher income per capita families. He was totally upside down in his  debt so he cut his losses, sold as much as he could and basically is starting over. BUT, he has the body or work and reputation.

Just because someone "seems" to be busy doesn't mean they are wealthy.

One of the highest charging wedding photographers in my town from ten years ago barely shoots anything now. His work is old and stale. He never changed, Yet, ten years ago he was the highest, busiest studio around. You can't judge anyone's business based on what you "perceive" it to be unless you know their actual financial position.

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