FZ200 as a birding camera - my moment of truth

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Ruth Lipnick
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Re: FZ200 as a birding camera - my moment of truth

DaveyB wrote:

Hi Ruth, I've always felt that the toughest but most important aspect of bird photography is that of getting close to your "quarry".  Whether, by using bait or a water drip to attract birds, or a hide or just by using field skills to stalk closer using available cover.  I'd like more zoom (wouldn't we all!) but you get a trade off with camera shake, atmosheric shimmer etc.  Ideally you'd use a tripod with a converter on the FZ200 but my birding is too mobile to allow this, so I tend to use the "stalking" approach.

Cheers   David

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LX3, FZ10, FZ200 and Nikon D80 + 18-200VR + 70-300VR

Sounds like your way is more fun if you don't mind muddy boots!

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