Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: If you want to be depressed check this out

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

We have one in our town - she shoots no weddings in our town...all in the city an hour away. Does maybe 10 a year.
Her hubby has a 'real' job.
She also shoots newborns and teaches at a local college (photoshop, photography, etc).
A few others I've met at PPA events -if you ask them- will tell you they do 5 big weddings a year and often make their money off school pics, owning a chain of 'portrait innovations' and the like.

Yep !! I know of one who's hubby owns a two large Chevy Dealerships. She could do anything she wants, She has the guaranteed income from some other source so that her photography is a "paid " hobby. She doesn't have to worry about making ends meet from it. That's taken care of already. WE should be so lucky !

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