Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Re: Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

RobertSigmund wrote:

Of course one could sue. Would make a nice case. But who will bother? Another way would be to go the "illegal" way - in this case mere self-defense! The best way would be to get rid of them alltogether, if only they had no monopoly: Photoshop stands alone.

It'd make a nice case, but the cost of the lawsuit would far outweigh the outcome for a single customer.  It'd have to be a class action suit to be worthwhile.

I know a lot of people who would take the "illegal" way, I had someone offer me a bootleg copy even.  But, in the end, my own sense of right and wrong outweighs my sense of outrage at their actions.

I definitely considered walking away completely.  Fortunately for Adobe, they had a cost effective work-around (Lightroom + Elements) for me.  Otherwise, I would have been looking at GIMP, etc.  If things continue to change, I might end up doing that anyway.

As to the subscription issue:  I'm a total non-subscriber type person.  I try hard to keep my subscriptions to a minimum - internet and cell phone are the only ones I have at the moment.  The rest, I am quite happy to ignore.  I will go elsewhere if a company pushes me into subscriptions - as long as there is an alternative.  When there isn't an alternative, I'll really start to question the need for the product (heck, maybe I'll become a "straight shooter" and shun all post processing ).

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