Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: start for free? NO business does this

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Why must photographers start for free?
McDonalds, Macys, GM never started for free. Harvard didn't start for free, Proctor and Gamble, your local pizza shop, exxon.
You learn your job, buy your equipment, do your market research, have a marketing plan, budget, etc in place BEFORE you open your doors.
Go seek photogs and pro orgs out and HERE is where you work for free - like any student. Few if any students learn alone and on the job...that's just asking for a bad reputation.

Working for FREE is to LEARN the profession and develop samples to show clients.

If one expects to just start charging without having any body of work, sample albums, website

samples etc, how do you expect clients to book you ? Based on your photos of kids sports and girls in bathing suits ?

The analogy of big corporations not working for free when they started out is ridiculous. They already had experience in their chosen field. I doubt Exxon or Chevron just started making fuel

out of the garage when they started out.

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